Leveraging the Revolutionary Science of Checkpoint Inhibitors to Create Turbocharged Vaccines for Animal and Human Health

MBF Therapeutics is a life science company focused on the development of gene-based, immunotherapeutic vaccines for use in veterinary medicine and human health. Using proprietary vaccine platform & delivery system technology, MBF Therapeutics’ checkpoint inhibitor therapies have the potential of transforming the treatment of cancer and prevention of infectious diseases.



Partnership Opportunities with MBF Therapeutics

In addition to developing effective therapeutic and prophylactic vaccines for unmet needs in animal health, the MBF Therapeutics team is dedicated to delivering long-term value to our investors by leveraging key partnerships with various research institutions, clinical testing facilities and a USDA licensed manufacturer.

MBF Therapeutics—The First Company to Develop an Animal Health Vaccine Using Gene-based Checkpoint Inhibitors

MBF Therapeutics’ lead product is an immunotherapeutic vaccine for canine melanoma. Two pilot studies have been completed and the vaccine:

  • Was shown to be safe

  • Elicited a robust immune response in 100% of dogs treated

  • Has potential for a conditional registration as early as 2020.

MBF Therapeutics also has a strong pipeline of products, including vaccines for other cancers in companion animals, as well as economically significant infectious swine diseases.

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