Why Partner with MBF Therapeutics?

MBF Therapeutics is the first company to develop a vaccine for the animal health market using gene-based checkpoint inhibitors. Approved for use as monoclonal antibodies in human health in 2014 by the FDA, checkpoint inhibitor therapies have proven to be “revolutionary immunotherapy,” effectively treating such cancers as melanoma, Hodgkin lymphoma, lung, liver, bladder, kidney, and colorectal. The total value of the check point inhibitor market in 2019 should exceed $20 billion.

MBF Therapeutics Tackles Unmet Needs in Animal Health

There is significant opportunity in the $500-million canine cancer market, with an estimated 1.6 million new cancer diagnoses made in dogs each year. Our lead product (MBFT-201) is for the treatment of canine melanoma. With 2 pilot studies completed, MBFT-201 was found safe, elicited a strong immune response in all of the dogs tested, and has conditional registration in 2020.

Other canine cancer vaccines in the MBF Therapeutics’ pipeline include a multi-tumor vaccine (MBFT-202) and a vaccine to treat canine lymphoma (MBFT-203).

Great Need and Opportunity in the Infectious Disease Market

The $5-billion infectious disease market in companion animals and livestock also has great opportunity for growth. We’ve identified several canine and equine targets (e.g., canine influenza, equine influenza, and equine herpes virus) that demonstrate a significant need for more effective vaccines.

Swine production is another market in need of better vaccines for preventing infectious diseases. For example, all vaccines currently on the market underperform in preventing the #1 disease threat to pork production—porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS). That’s why we’ve partnered with Smithfield Foods to develop a new vaccine for PRRS, as well as vaccines for other economically significant swine diseases, that will have the potential to reduce the use of antibiotics, chronic disease, and endemic viral reservoirs in pork production.

Seeking Partnerships

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