MBF Therapeutics Overview

  • MBF Therapeutics is a Delaware, USA C-corporation

  • Funding has been provided by individual angel investors and angel investment groups. 

  • Investors in MBF Therapeutics must be “accredited investors” as defined in Regulation D under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended.

  • MBF Therapeutics has an open Series S-2 round with a term sheet with Keirestu Forum Mid-Atlantic

  • For additional information, please contact Thomas Tillett, the President of MBF Therapeutics, at

  • The statements set forth in this presentation are made as of the date hereof.  MBF Therapeutics does not undertake any obligation to update this presentation, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.


MBF Therapeutics is prioritizing the discovery, creation, development and commercialization of animal health immunotherapeutics and using the intellectual property, knowledge and cash flow gained to create and develop targeted human health immunotherapeutics. Because the development, capital requirements and commercialization timelines are significantly longer, each human health opportunity will be placed into a C-Corp NewCo subsidiary with our MBFT investors sharing ownership in these companies.

MBFT Discovery
MBFT Animal Health

The advantage of this organizational structure:

  • Potential return on investment for existing shareholders

  • Major non-dilutive funding for MBFT when the NewCo is sold

  • Potential long-term capital gain for  shareholders 

  • Driving near-term investments 

  • Allowing new investors to focus their investment in one specific project, providing a clear exit strategy