MBF Therapeutics’ Founder and

CEO Tom Tillett to speak at
ASPIRE Philadelphia Dealmakers Conference

June 5, 2019 – Philadelphia, PA  Tom Tillett, founder and CEO of Ambler, Pa.-based MBF Therapeutics (MBFT), will speak at the ASPIRE Middle-Market Dealmakers Conference in Philadelphia on Wednesday, June 12.

ASPIRE connects entrepreneurs, investors and dealmakers for a day of dynamic content and networking in top business markets across the U.S. The event takes place from 7:15 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Philadelphia 201 Hotel.

Tillett is a featured speaker on “Building Strong Capital Stacks: How to Raise Capital to Fuel Your Organization’s Growth.” The panel features business owners and experts who challenge the conventional norms to seek out and secure capital to finance accelerated growth.

MBFT’s lead product is MBFT-201, a canine melanoma vaccine for dogs with Stage II/III resectable disease. The company has completed two Pilot studies that demonstrate the safety of the product and a strong immune response to key antigens in 100 percent of the dogs treated. MBFT has recently begun development of a vaccine for African Swine Fever (ASF), a devastating disease affecting the global pork industry.

Tillett joins a group of local peers, including Joseph M. Finley, regional president, Eastern Pennsylvania, TriState Capital Bank; Daniel J. Hayes, director, outsourcing, Life Science, CLA; and Taylor Rooke, vice president, Rooke Fiduciary Management.

“I am delighted to present and share my experience with this audience of investors, dealmakers and fellow entrepreneurs,” Tillet said.


Entreprenuers and investors who are interested in hearing Tillett speak can register to attend ASPIRE by visiting www.aspiredealmakers.com/philadelphia/register/ and entering promo code: Tillett100 to receive $100 off their ticket.

About MBF Therapeutics: MBFT (www.mbftherapeutics.com) MBFT is a clinical-stage animal health company developing and commercializing proprietary checkpoint inhibitor immunotherapy technology for cancer and infectious diseases. T-cell activation precisely targets selected antigens associated with cancer cells or infectious pathogens while preventing T-cell exhaustion, thus, yielding a durable cell-mediated immunity. Exclusively licensed from the Wistar Institute in Philadelphia, PA, and combined with a proprietary nonviral delivery system, this is a platform technology from which multiple innovative products can be developed for veterinary use where cellular antigens are well defined. 

About ASPIRE: The private equity boom is a global phenomenon, but most dealmaking involves local investors, advisers and entrepreneurs. ASPIRE (www.aspiredealmakers.com/philadelphia) fills a void in America’s top business markets by providing high-quality information and one-on-one networking for local dealmakers.