Our vision for MBFT Is follow the tremendous science behind check point inhibitor technology to create significantly better cancer and infectious disease products for the animal health market, to translate these benefits into the human health market and provide a significant return for our investors.


Establish and maintain a culture of servant leadership. The best definition I have read is by Skip Prichard. He teaches and writes about leadership.

Servant leadership is a blend and balance between leader and servant. You don’t lose leadership qualities when becoming a servant leader.

Trust, mutual respect and servant leadership lead to a culture of collaboration and high performance, both within our business and with our business partners.

a Servant Leader is one who

1. Values Diverse Opinions
A servant leader values everyone’s contributions and regularly seeks out opinions.  If you must  parrot  back the leader’s opinion, you are not in a servant-led organization.
“Servant leaders regularly seek out opinions.” -Skip Prichard

2. Cultivates a Culture of Trust
People don’t meet at the water cooler to gossip.  Pocket vetoes  are rejected.
“Servant leaders cultivate a culture of trust.” -Skip Prichard
“The greatest contributor to non-productive behavior in any organization is the lack of trust” - Tom Tillett

3.  Develops other leaders
The replication factor is so important.  It means teaching others to lead, providing opportunities for growth and demonstrating by example.  That means the leader is not always leading, but instead giving up power and deputizing others to lead.
“Servant leaders give up power and deputize others to lead.” -Skip Prichard
“Servant leaders look at leadership as an act of service. They approach succession
planning as part of their core responsibility.”
– Tom Tillett

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